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in washington using terrorists from mexico. we talked with f.b.i. official john miller and author roya hakakian. >> there were the rivalries between iran and saudi arabia have only become more and more pronounced since the arab spring and since the growing of the tensions between iran and saudi arabia. >> charlie: we colude this evening with a conversation about chinese aunt pureship wang boming president of the stock exchange and executive council and the two partners. >> we solve our problems with the history of china and converse form relations from -- electricity and car. now the two countries work together in a way to get the maximum geration of products to solve the problem we are facing. i think we have this opportunity and also obligation. >> charlie: wall street protests, accusations against iranian officials and chinese entrepreneurship when we continue. >> every story needs a hero we can all root for, who beats the odds and comes out on top. that this isn't just a hollywood story line,t's happening every day all across america. every time a storefront opens or the mnight oil is bur
problems of the u.s. are deeper and structural. >> there's no doubt whatever term you use china does manipulate or manage its currency and there are both economic and politic reasons for doing that. obviously they want to support exports which, you know, which are mainly private companies or foreign-invested companys which are the greatest source of job growth in cha which, you know, helps keep the country stable. but tre's also a political imperive in a way. anormal sort of calibration of the strength of chinese export, the currey could be 20% to 40%. but if you had in china an open capital account and the freely floating currency godnows what would happen because the financial system is not stable, money could flee the country as much as come into it. and you could see a collapse in the currency as you might see an appreciation of it. so i think china is quite unstable without strong controls and so it's not ju an attempt to get an economic advantage. i think it's a way that... it's one of the element it is communist party uses to manage the economy and then stay in power. >> liu:
was for all of us. >> rose: what was his passion? >> when i spent time with steve he talked a lot about solving end user problems, solve computer problems but doing it in an artistic way. he saw beauty as a part of everything he did. if you look at his history, he viously was involved with pixar and movies and so forth. he cared a lot about how the average person, the average human around the world consumed things. was it beautiful, was it artistic, was it clever. if you look at the apple stores and the art there, over and over again he is a combination of technology and artists. an analogy would be from history would michelangelo who did both. there were very, few such people in history. >> rose: it is often said about him that he understood design better than anybody else. and in saying that, some people did not recognize that he understood techlogy. you are a technologist. you are formally a chief technology officer at sun miosystems and have d a distinguished career and came out of that kind of academic background. steve had a different academic background but most people in technol
it is communist party uses to manage the economy and then stay in power. >> liu: and then charl's interview with author robin wright. her new book is called "rock the casbah: rage and rebellion across the islamic world." >> i think what we're goi to see is something that confuses us in the west because it has two parts. one is this quest for political participation, accountability we're seeing in the trials, as in the hosni mubarak in egypt, the idea of justice and fairness. but it also has a desire to be islamic and these two things are going to confuse us. it's a different kind of islam. today islam is a means to an end not an end in self. 40 years ago the majority of women in egypt didn't wear hijab, the islamic head covering. today over 80% do. but thatoesn mean there fanatics, that they want to see the muslim brotherhood take over in egypt, that they want sharia islamic law to prevail rigidly. it a expression of we want islam as the cultural milieu, the environment in which chan. it's no different, really, than the kind of judeo-chstian values so many of us have in the westn terms of d
at and say that i europe and we don't want to be europe. >> except that they work much better than the u.s. >> tell me why. >> they work better because they invested in skills and science technology infrastructure, energy systems, they did all their homework, they said we are not going to take a pass on all those investments for the future, that make us competitive, we are going to get in there and compete, we are ing to stay high tech, we are going to stay in the manufacturing sector, we are going to have champions like ericks and other companies that are cutting edge technologies, able to compete internationally, ty did their homework and didn't go with budget deficits and didn't go with keysian stimus and pay our way and tax ourself because that is the price of civilization. dr. kim and dr. sachs when we continue. >> funng for charlie rose was provided by the following. >> every story needs a hero we can all root for. who beats the odds, who comes out on top but this isn't just a hollywood storyline, it i happing every day al across america. every time a storefront opens, or the midnigh
it absolved us. >> for him, not for the law. i'm surprised at you, pete, i gave you credit for more brains than dell her. >> but there was witnesses that seen us regimed. >> that not the issue. even if it put you square with the lord the state of miissippi is more hard nosed. >> you shoulhave joined us, everett. it wouldn't have hurt none. >> at least it would have washed away the stink of that pomade. >> youwo ignorant fools, i like that smell of my hair treatmen the pleasing odor is half the point. baptism, you two are just dumber than a bag of hammers. >> because the house always wins. play long enough, you can never change the stakes. the house takes you. unless when that perfect hand comes along you bet big and then you take the house. >> you've been practicing that speech, haven't you? >> a little bit. did i rush it? it felt li i rushed it. >> no, i liked it. >> we're going with the story that the u.s. air force tried him without one shred of evidence and found him guilty of being a security risk. >> you have also claimed he's not a security risk without seeing the evidence. wouldn't
, european time. because the u.s. has been quite involved, in fact n this european debate. it is, after all, a world in which we're all interconnected and interrelated. and europe's putting its house in order, something that theu.s. also cares about. and of course we also talk about our region. >> right. >> rose: . >> you know, the middle east, the ab spring, turkey, the balkans, so of course, i have to say, however, that although i'm a greek foreign minister no one particularly cares to talk about all those other things. they say well that's all very interesting. tell me about the-- . >> rose: what's going happen to is greece did going to default on its debt or not, that's t question. >> exactly. >> rose: okay so, what do you think of the deal that has been struck? >> i think it's anxcellent deal. i think that there's work to be done to make it concrete. what i mean by this is that greece was beyond any doubt now, in the eyes of the markets and of the people of europe safeguarded. >> rose: markets reacted positively but often they do after there is some solution that troubles them because
for a younger generation. and that's part of why it scared the u.s. counterterrorism officials. >> warren buffett on america today, and th killing of anwar al-awlaki when we continue funding for charlie rose was provided by the following: a gitional funding provided additional funding provided by these funder captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. . we celebrate this evening, the 20th anniversary of this program, yes, 20 years ago this program began over the 20 years there have been no guests that have been more interesting and more eagerly anticipated thanarren buffett. his is a fascinating story. his is a name that is known throhout the worldor his extraordinary success as an investor and the parallel success of his company berkshire hathaway. he has been in the news recently because he made a major investment in bank of america. he also announced a stock buyback of berkshire hathaway shares. perhaps the sharpest focus recently has been on fis announcement that wealthy people should pay for taxes. president obama was certainl
some kind of government bailout, to use the word, true in the united states, true in the uk, true in europe, true in japan. so we have got sething seriously the matter with the system that is not easy to repair overnight. >> rose: we conclude this evening with amy goodman, host of democracy, and chris hedges author of the death of the liberal class and their assessment of the occupy wall street movement. >> this is why the democrats and the republicans are very concerned, you see the republicans changing too, at first they were not accepting this movement. you know, gandhi said it and i will paraphrase it, first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. and we are moving forward in that process. >> there is no way to vote against the interest of goldman sachs, and so when you shut at safety valve off, you crte movements that seek to tear down a monolithic and tone-deaf and callous power structure and that is what happened. >> paul volcker, chris hedges and amy goodman when we contue. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following. capti
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 153 (some duplicates have been removed)